Cultural Immersion Day at Bung Yarnda –  Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust

Sat 5 - 5 Aug 2023 09:00am - 02:00pm VIC

Bung Yarnda (Lake Tyers) Cultural Immersion Day at Lake Tyers Mission

Bung Yarnda is the true language name of the Lake Tyers Mission on Gunnai (Gunnai/Kurnai) Country, Gippsland Victoria. The wording Bung Yarnda will be used throughout this invitation to attend the Cultural immersion day there. Bung Yarnda has a rich history as a fishing, feasting and camping place for the Gunnai clans of East Victoria.

Originally the land of the Gunnai/Kurnai People, it became home to a diversity of the First People from all over Victoria who were forcibly removed from their homelands and Communities. Many years later, some of these same families were forced to leave the mission at Bung Yarnda and ‘assimilate’ into townships.

The People of the mission/Community have been strong and vocal in their struggle to retain their land. In 1970 this fight was rewarded with the handing back of Bung Yarnda to the People. Today a dedicated Community still call Bung Yarnda home. 

About the day

Join us for a day of deep listening, truth telling, and understanding life at Bung Yarnda and across the lands and waters of the Gunnai Nation.
Led by orator and Gunnai Elder Uncle Wayne Thorpe. This is an opportunity rarely given to those who live outside of First Nations Culture to understand what the process of colonisation on a proud and deeply Cultural People means.

We are inviting those from the Philanthropic and Corporate sector to join us, as the day will include a Cultural Competency session woven in (So please bring your questions, so we can all grow Culturally). This session will be made available to the attending groups and individuals at a later date.

The cost of the day is $500 per person including morning tea refreshments and lunch. Upon your booking, event details will be sent.We recommend staying on the Friday evening in either Lakes Entrance a 30 minute drive to Bung Yarnda Community or Bairnsdale a 55 minute drive.

———- Guided by Uncle Wayne Thorpe———-