New Gen Network gathering

Wed, 27 Mar 2024 05:00pm - 07:00pm AEDT East Melbourne, VIC

It is our pleasure to invite members of Philanthropy Australia’s New Gen Network to an intimate gathering focused on the vital role philanthropists play in creating systemic social change, and providing insight into how funders can support advocates striving to build a fairer Australia.

Creating systemic social change involves addressing the underlying drivers of inequality and injustice, rather than just treating the symptoms of social issues. In essence, it’s about change not charity. During this session, we’ll explore what adopting a ‘change not charity’ approach to giving entails, learn about the impact of funding advocacy for systems change, and discover best practices in social change giving.

Our guest speakers will include

Jill Reichstein | Chair of the Reichstein Foundation a family foundation that plays a leading role in Australia’s philanthropic community, and that has been a decades-long advocate for social change giving. 

Jemima Myer | Trustee of The Myer Foundation a member of Mannifera, a collective of Australian funders working together to support democracy and fair economy advocates.

Andrew Hudson | CEO of the Center for Policy Development, a civil society organisation committed to creating long-term structural change in Australia through policy reform.

Join us for this captivating discussion, where you’ll connect with like-minded peers and learn about how the next generation of givers can become allies to social change movements, while embracing progressive and collaborative approaches to philanthropy. 

We hope you will join us for what promises to be an inspiring and enjoyable evening!