How social enterprises are scaling impact through partnerships

Thu, 25 Jul 2024 12:00pm - 01:00pm AEST

Are you interested in learning about different approaches to supporting social enterprises to scale their impact?

Scaling through investing in the growth of individual social enterprises to reach more beneficiaries is one approach. Another approach is scaling through collaboration and sharing best practice models. 

In the session, we will hear from two social enterprises who are scaling impact through sharing their IP as well as the perspective of a social enterprise funder supporting these broader scaling approaches:

  • Paul Brown – CEO & Co-founder, Jigsaw Australia
  • Jenny Briscoe-Hough – CEO, Tender Funerals Australia
  • Claire Mannion – Foundation Manager, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Please come prepared to join in the conversation, connect with your fellow funders, and discuss and reflect on the session together.


  • This is a virtual session only.
  • Presenters will share their thoughts and views in conversation but will not offer any financial advice.


This event is intended for the Social Enterprise Funders Group members. 

We welcome other Philanthropy Australia funder members at the Active, Engaged, Impact membership, or New Gen tier to join the funders group. 

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