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  • Natalie Elliott, Equity Trustees
  • Kirsty Allen, The Myer foundation and Sidney Myer Fund

Facilitated by

Jo-anne McMahon
Project Co-ordinator – Out of Home Care Funders Group
Email: Jo-anne.McMahon@cfecfw.asn.au
Phone: 03 9614 1577






The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, in collaboration with Equity Trustees and the Sidney Myer Fund, has commenced a project to better support children and young people out of home care with a focus on leaving care.

The OOHC Funders Group project is being hosted at the Centre and is aimed at establishing a network of philanthropic funders and associated organisations that have a mutual interest in contributing at a more strategic level to positive outcomes for children and young people involved in OOHC.  The group is focused on working collaboratively through information sharing and identifying a mutually agreed position around how they can contribute collectively to OOHC reform and strategy and work more effectively with government and community organisations.

The project arose from the previous experience of Equity Trustees of regular meeting of like-minded trusts to share experiences and knowledge and discuss their mutual interest in contributing at a more strategic level to positive outcomes for children and young people involved in OOHC.  Over time these meetings ceased and Equity Trustees, seeing the value in collaboration and also having a focus area around leaving care, approached the Centre to host a project leader position for the purpose of structuring these meetings, establishing regularity and building a strong and connected philanthropic funders network.

The group have established structured monthly network meetings where philanthropic organisations come together to develop a shared foundation of knowledge and discuss their shared and individual interests in supporting children and young people in out of home care, and in particular, leaving care.  Guest speakers have been identified by the group to participate in facilitated conversations designed to build knowledge and inform discussion and planning.

The project leader, Jo-anne McMahon will also work with the group to organise a symposium where philanthropic organisations, community services and government can come together to talk about collaborative impact and a collective reform agenda. 


Previous meetings

TUESDAY, 8 AUGUST 9.30AM - 11.30AM 

Tuesday, 4 JULY 9.30AM - 11.30 AM
A CONVERSATION ON THE COMMUNITY SERVICES SECTOR with Deb Tsorbaris, CEO of the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare Inc.Deb discussed her unique perspective as CEO of the peak body representing organisations working with vulnerable children, young people and families and what she feels are the key challenges and areas of strategic and emerging importance for the OOHC and the sector.  




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