Australian Philanthropy Awards

2017 Best Large Grant

Nominations are now closed

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2017 Australian Philanthropy Awards. The fate of the nominees is now with the judging panels. We wish you all the very best of luck! We welcome you to attend the Awards ceremony where the winners will be announced on Wednesday 5 April 2017. Event details will be available over the next few weeks.

This Award honours significant achievements in Australian grant-making, celebrating a joint vision and best practice in philanthropy. 

Every day, Australian philanthropic organisations stand at the forefront of innovation, exploring creative ways to advance the common good and find solutions for complex issues that challenge society. In that spirit, the awards program recognises philanthropic excellence amongst Australian organisations and honours their exemplary leadership.

One of the purposes of the Awards is to acknowledge recent outstanding work in philanthropy. To that end, the timeframe has been set broadly for activity in the past two to five years, which may include design, funding and/or delivery of impact during that time period.


Nominations are welcomed from our Philanthropy Australia members and non-members, supporters and friends of our partner organisations. You may not nominate yourself, but you may nominate your organisation.

Current staff and Council of Philanthropy Australia and members of the Selection Panel are not eligible for nomination.

Nominees’ names will remain confidential and only successful recipients will be announced.

Selection criteria 

For grants over the amount of $50,000 that:

  • Deliver on the co-designed vision of change visualised by the giver and the doer
  • Focus on community impact – it’s about the group
  • Demonstrate a quality of partnership between grant-maker and the recipient – how they co-partnered and tracked progress
  • Demonstrate collaboration with philanthropists, not-for-profits, business, community and government;
  • Have evidence of significant outcomes and impact
  • Share their learned experiences
  • Demonstrate innovation and risk, breakthrough thinking and a future focus

Selection process

Submissions will be reviewed by the Selection Panel in early March 2017 for announcement at the 2017 Australian Philanthropy Awards Celebration following the AGM on Wednesday, 5 April 2017.

Award sponsor

Many thanks to Ninti One, our very generous Best Large Grant Sponsor.  

Things you should know before completing the nomination form:

  • We recommend you write your nomination in a Word document and copy text over into this form to avoid losing any data.
  • A link to a supporting video if possible.
  • All fields marked with * below are required to be completed correctly before a nomination will be accepted.
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Nominees’ names will remain confidential and only finalists and successful recipients will be announced.

2017 Best Large Grant

The successful nominee will be featured in our Awards booklet, so please summarise your nomination addressing the selection criteria and reasons why it should be considered for this award. Include the theory of change, the project or initiative, and why it was successful. This text will be published in the Awards booklet, subject to space and editing. (250 words)

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Address the selection criteria

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Focus on the demonstrated quality of partnership between grant-maker, recipient, business, community and government, and how they co-partnered and tracked progress. (200 words)

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Describe the evidence of tangible delivery of outcomes and impact from your nominee’s work during the past two to five years (2012 – 2016). (300 words)

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Please estimate your nominee’s amount of philanthropic investment in the project, and if possible on partner’s investment, both financial and non-financial or in-kind contributions.

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  • No more than 6 pages of supplementary material may be submitted along with this nomination.
  • Accompanying material can include a bio or resume, organisation information, video links and articles.
  • All materials submitted become the property of Philanthropy Australia and will not be returned.
  • When preparing accompanying materials, please keep the materials to a minimum and submit materials that reproduce clearly.
  • The maximum file upload size for all files must not exceed 15MB.
  • Please only click the ‘Submit Nomination’ button once. Your supplementary materials may take some time to upload depending on file size and your internet connection. You’ll see confirmation note when it’s safe to close the window.

Supplementary materials

Photos*: Please provide a minimum of two / maximum of 5. Please provide images that highlight the project. These images will be used for promotional purposes if your nominee is awarded.

Video: If available, please provide any video links (ie. YouTube, Vimeo etc).

Please double-check your files above if uploading supporting documentation and check all required fields are entered to ensure a successful nomination.

Note: These are guidelines and judges’ discretion is final.

Policy Submissions

As the peak body for the philanthropic sector, we are actively involved in shaping the development and direction of government policy and legislation relating to the sector.

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