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Feb. 21, 2016

One of Australia’s oldest foundations on the future of philanthropy

Paul Madden, Chief Executive of The Wyatt Trust, provides his insight on where philanthropy is headed and what foundations can do to ensure they keep up with the ever-changing philanthropic landscape. Read more…

May. 24, 2016   |   Paul Madden

Helping local people implement local solutions

One of the best parts of my job is being on the road, checking in with rural, regional and remote community leaders and assessing the kind of impacts the grants FRRR distributes are having. It’s also a great way to build on our understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities in the communities we support. Read more…

May. 13, 2016   |   Natalie Egleton

The government, philanthropy, environment nexus

We know what the role of philanthropy is but do we know what the role of government is? Read more…

May. 10, 2016   |   Amanda Martin

 Tags: environment, government, policy

Giving Young: The Engaged Philanthropy of Millennials

What do you think will be the defining challenge of the next 50 years? Climate change? Refugee crises? Economic upheaval? Terrorism? It’s almost impossible to name just one. What’s certain is that as we move into an increasingly uncertain future, so much of the social change agenda depends on the generation we now call ‘Millennials.’ Read more…

Apr. 26, 2016   |   Indre McGlinn

The low-yield challenge for endowment & foundation investors

The current low-yield environment remains the key challenge for endowment and foundation investors in Australia and New Zealand, according to the results of the Mercer 2015 Survey of Endowments and Foundations, presented in conjunction with Philanthropy Australia. Read more…

Apr. 26, 2016

Five essential ingredients for lasting collaborations

Sometimes art and life meet and mix. I was about to head off and get married to the same man for a second time (another story for another time!) when I said in an interview: “In philanthropy, collaboration is the equivalent of finding true love - rare, never to be taken for granted, and needing constant investment and recommitment.” Read more…

Apr. 19, 2016   |   Jan Owen AM

Reimagining the future with technology

The Telstra Foundation recently launched the Telstra Imaginarium – one of Australia’s first custom-designed, mini-accelerator exclusively for not-for-profits working with young people. Prashan Paramanathan from explains why the not-for-profit sector needs to be supported as a valuable contributor to Australia’s digital innovation ecosystem. Read more…

Apr. 12, 2016   |   Prashan Paramanathan

Nexus - watch this space!

Young people, innovation and collaboration on an international scale are crucial to solving our most critical social problems, and they are mobilising to do exactly that. Read more…

Mar. 29, 2016   |   Nina Skrzynski

Time of Our Lives?

Older women ageing in long-term income poverty is not an appealing topic. Our society is ageing at a rapid rate and it is expected that the number of older women living in income poverty will dramatically increase. Read more…

Mar. 15, 2016   |   Catherine Brown

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