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Jan. 01, 2015

Turn your beliefs into a sustainable investment strategy

Australian not-for-profits and philanthropists are embracing sustainable investing as part of a global move towards more responsible or sustainable investing. Read more…

Aug. 25, 2015   |   Craig Hughes, Mercer’s Head of Endowments and Foundations, Pacific

 Tags: investing, investment, sustainable investment

The 3 C’s of environmental philanthropy - valuing collaboration, collective impact and communication

I love my job! As I write this I’ve just gotten off the phone with Jennie Curtis from the Garfield Foundation in the US and I feel so inspired. Jennie has been working on big, audacious projects using a collective impact and collaborative approach. Jennie knows about collaboration and collective impact from both a practical and a philanthropic perspective and is the first person that I’ve spoken to that could really make sense of how “collective impact” works. What a rare being! Read more…

Aug. 14, 2015   |   Amanda Martin, CEO, Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN)

 Tags: collaboration, environment

Workplace hacking (giving) at Atlassian

It’s exciting to see the recent renaissance of workplace giving in Australia with movements such as 1MDonors aiming to have 1 million active donors by the year 2020. Read more…

Jul. 28, 2015   |   Jonathan Srikanthan, Manager, Atlassian Foundation

 Tags: workplace giving

Philanthropy & cooperatives need to get to know each other better

Cooperatives can provide an innovative way to address inequality and disadvantage by using ownership as a tool to empower people and build community wealth. Read more…

Jul. 21, 2015   |   Krystian Seibert, Policy & Research Manager, Philanthropy Australia.

 Tags: research & information

Action for young people in nursing homes

The Senate Inquiry into the adequacy of residential care for young people with disability highlights the wasted potential of young people who are forced to live in nursing homes because there is no where else for them. Read more…

Jun. 29, 2015   |   Di Winkler, Chief Executive Officer, Summer Foundation

The Trusted Adviser & Giving Circles

Three years ago I was approached to join the Founding Committee of Impact100Melbourne – a giving circle. At the time I was aware of giving circles and the momentum they were gaining around the world, though I had little concept of their power to not only change my personal perception of philanthropy but to add value to my profession as a trusted adviser. Read more…

Jun. 16, 2015   |   Chris Wilson, Founding Committee Member of Impact100Melbourne (a collective giving account of Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation), Koda Capital Partner & Director of the Philanthropy & Social Capital team, Director of The Reach Foundation.

 Tags: adviser, advisor, collective giving, giving circles

Case study in collaboration: Partnership model to build a stronger foundation for homework clubs

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” these wise words from Helen Keller are ones which held us in good stead when working towards a solution of long-term sustainability for homework clubs in Victorian schools. Read more…

May. 27, 2015   |   Trudy Wyse, Australia Communities Foundation

 Tags: collaboration, communities, partnership

Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations

Did you know that philanthropists played an important role in steering the Charities Act 2013 through the Federal Parliament? The passage of the Charities Act was incredibly significant for so many reasons, not least of all the fact that it moved us on from the definition of charity as enacted by the Statute of Elizabeth in 1601. Read more…

May. 15, 2015   |   Esther Abram, Giving Green Manager, Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network

 Tags: environment, policy, research & information

Collier Charitable Fund - A Long Term Partnership Case Study

Collier Charitable Fund and Australian Red Cross share a history spanning 60 years, with Collier Charitable having donated over $2 million to Red Cross to fund a range of projects and services, including a recent training program for Red Cross volunteers working in Immigration Detention facilities. Read more…

Apr. 22, 2015   |   Hannah Foster, Development Executive - Trusts and Foundations, Australian Red Cross

 Tags: case study, disasters, international aid, partnership

Philanthropy meets Parliament Summit 2015

We're bringing together Australian funders, political leaders, and policy makers to meet at the heart of Australia’s political system – Parliament House in Canberra. Wed 9 September 2015

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