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Feb. 06, 2017

It’s that time of year…

As we race towards 30 June and the end of a tax year, lots of charities are busy seeking the final donations and gifts for the year, and many philanthropists are making the final distributions from trusts and foundations. It is an important time, and significant amounts of charitable money are granted to pursue the visions, plans and opportunities we share for social, cultural, environmental and community benefit and change. Read more…

Jun. 21, 2017   |   Sarah Davies

Celebrating Eve Mahlab AO: Feminist. Philanthropist. Trailblazer.

On Saturday, 3rd June 2017, VWT hosted a birthday party and fundraiser Let’s Dance in honour of feminist luminary, Eve Mahlab AO. The tagline for this sold-out event was ‘celebrating the past and future of feminism‘ and celebrate we did. Held at Leonda on the Yarra with ABC’s Virginia Trioli as MC, the room was lively and warm, filled with family, friends, and feminists from across the political spectrum. Read more…

Jun. 20, 2017   |   Victorian Women's Trust

I wonder why?

Philanthropy Australia is strongly supportive of the need for a professional, responsive, and independent regulator for the not-for-profit sector, and charities in particular. As a sector that represents around 8% of GDP and employs about 10% of the Australian workforce, it is a significant part of our community economically, socially and culturally. Read more…

Jun. 06, 2017   |   Sarah Davies

Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s $400 million donation - Four characteristics of leading philanthropy

On Monday we applauded and celebrated an exciting act of philanthropy when Andrew and Nicola Forrest announced a $400 million donation to six cause areas. Read more…

May. 23, 2017   |   Sarah Davies

Better philanthropy for remote art centres

Having started as a cool morning in Mparntwe, it’s now a warm, sunny afternoon. After enjoying a few hours of painting, the Iltja Ntjarra artists decide to sit outside for a yarn over a cuppa. Read more…

May. 22, 2017   |   Rod Reeve

Four key take outs from the Caroline Fiennes seminar in Sydney

If we are to fix the social challenges in Australia, we have to move from a competitive not-for-profiot sector to a more collaborative space. We need to develop the 'science of philanthropy' - what really works. Unfortunately impact evaluation is more about marketing and the seeking of funds - rather than a genuine desire to learn and inform decision-making to be more effective. Not-for-profits need to stop undertaking their own research and leverage existing research, expertise and avidence. Don't… Read more…

May. 16, 2017

Donor Advised Funds in the US – An Easy Way to Give but Also a Source of Controversy

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are a form of philanthropic vehicle in the United States. They’re an individually named account sitting within a charity, to which a donor’s tax deductible donations are credited. The funds are managed by the DAF provider, and the donor may recommend which organisations receive grants from the account. Read more…

Apr. 04, 2017   |   Krystian Seibert

Make your post-disaster donation count in the long-run

As the scale and impacts of Cyclone Debbie and the subsequent flooding becomes apparent, generous Australian’s will no doubt want to start making donations to support those affected. These contributions are incredibly important, providing immediate relief and helping individuals begin to get back on their feet. Read more…

Apr. 03, 2017   |   Natalie Egleton

Battle of the Philanthropists: Which State Donates the Most?

We’re a generous bunch, us Aussies. Each charitable giver donates an average of $348 per year. But which state takes the cake when it comes to giving the most? Read more…

Mar. 20, 2017

Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit

11 & 12 September 2017 

The Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit brings together Australian funders, political leaders, and policy makers to meet at the heart of Australia’s political system. 

Early bird closes on 22 July 2017 .

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