Cancer Research: exploring the big questions

Where: Sydney, NSW

When: Mon 18th Sep 2017, 10:00 – 12:00 (2 hours)

On behalf of the Maple-Brown Family Foundation, Philanthropy Australia invite you to join us for a special thought leadership roundtable discussion and Q&A

“Cancer research: exploring the big questions” is a unique opportunity to engage with two eminent figures in the cancer research field:

  • Professor Lisa Horvath, Director of Research and Director of Medical Oncology - Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
  • Professor John Simes, Director – NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre

Lisa and John will lead a robust discussion, addressing some tough questions about the current state and future of cancer research:

  • Is there such a thing as too much cancer research?
  • Where do cancer research dollars go?
  • How do cancer researchers collaborate to achieve bang for buck?
  • How far have we really come in fighting the “war on cancer”?
  • What is the future of cancer? And what needs to happen to win the war?

Lisa and John invite you to ask questions, either on the day or please feel free to submit them with your RSVP.

We hope you will join us for what will be an interesting and insightful discussion.



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