Engaging parents: Evidence-based approaches for schools to engage families as partners in learning

Where: Melbourne, VIC

When: Mon 24th Apr 2017, 10:00 – 15:00 (5 hours)

Victorian Government policy emphasises schools adopting a broad view and a commitment to valuing the central role that family participation has in children's learning and development. When parents are engaged in the school mission, not only do their children achieve at higher levels, the long-term wellbeing of both parents and children are improved.

The Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED) at Deakin University has organised a seminar "Engaging parents: Evidence-based approaches for schools to engage families as partners in learning". SEED has brought together a range of presenters who will cover the complexities and challenges of engaging parents and explore the evidence of what research has found works well.

Professor John Toumbourou will address the importance of engaging parents to achieve educational outcomes. Dr Kirsty Sword Gusmao will present lessons from international development on encouraging family partnerships to advance education outcomes. Cameron Price will present an overview of the evidence on parent engagement strategies. Dr Matin Ghayour Minaie will present the impact of the Resilient Families program on family and community connections and student wellbeing.


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In conversation with Daniel Lee of the Levi Strauss Foundation

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