10x10 was formed by a group of Sydney based young creatives and professionals who wanted to fight apathy and engender a culture of giving and philanthropy within their generation. 

They have raised over $60,000 to date in support of 12 fantastic causes, including suicide prevention, sex trafficking, disability support and cultural engagement for marginalised communities. 10x10’s supporters are making a real impact on social change in its community.

This is the problem

There are thousands of charities – how do you know where to start? How do you know where your money’s going? People tend not to have enough time to find out what’s out there, let alone whether they’re legit. They’re not all millionaires so how can they make a difference?

This is the 10x10 solution

10x10 picks out three charities, which it thinks are changing things up in how they’re working on complicated social issues in our communities. It does the due diligence on them so it knows they are of a scale where the collective contribution will make an impact – and that the funds will be fully leveraged to bring about sustainable social change.

What happens next?

Once three charities have been selected 10 x 10 then brings 100 people together for an evening event, each guest contributing $100 in advance - so that collectively the $100 is going to turn into $10,000 (at least!). At the event, guests are then given their $100 back in the form of tokens to allocate to any of the three charities over the course of the evening.

Each of the three charities has five minutes to deliver their pitch in the style of the popular UK TV show, the Dragons Den. They put their pitch to the audience, and to the guest ‘dragon’, a role played by prominent philanthropic Australian business men and women such as Mark Carnegie, Bill Ferris and Audette Exel.

The dragon grills each charity about their pitch and business model. When all the pitches are done, the audience decides how to allocate their tokens based on whose pitches or cause inspired them the most, and leads to a sustaining relationship between the givers and the charities.

More information

The foundation members of 10x10 are Laurence Marshbaum, Nina Skrzynski and Jenny Newmarch.

Sydney - Pozible: www.pozible.com/project/181765

Adelaide - Pozible: http://www.pozible.com/project/200931

Adelaide - Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1039603269397585/

Brisbane - Pozible: http://www.pozible.com/project/201400


10x10 receives the support of the Philanthropy Australia New Generation of Giving Program and is also proudly supported by MH Carnegie & Co.