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Guiding Principles for Collaboration between Government and Philanthropy

Launched in July 2012, Guiding Principles for Collaboration Between Government and Philanthropic Organisations is a new resource for those practicing, or interested in, cross-sectoral collaborations.

Developed by the Office for the Community Sector, Department of Planning and Community Development in Victoria and Philanthropy Australia, Guiding Principles offers a set of pointers to facilitate successful partnerships.

There are 15 key principles, structured under four headings:

1. Creating the environment
2. Shaping partnerships and building relationships
3. Decision making and Management practices, and
4. Evaluation and sustainability

Guiding Principles forms a framework for approaching new, and strengthening existing, collaborations between philanthropic and government co-funders of the not-for-profit sector.

 Foundation Project Summary Report

 Research Report and Case Studies which underpin the principles

The Foundation Project - report and template forms

The Foundation Project is an initiative sponsored by the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation on behalf of the following organisations:

  • Helen Macpherson Smith Trust
  • The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund
  • Perpetual
  • The Ian Potter Foundation
  • The RE Ross Trust
  • Philanthropy Australia
  • Queensland University of Technology – Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies.

The key outputs from The Foundation Project are a set of core principles for grant application and reporting information as well as a common application form and acquittal report for small grants.

Grant-makers are encouraged to trial the common form templates and to provide feedback on them to Philanthropy Australia.

Foundation Project Summary Report

Download the Small Grants Application Form

Small Grants Acquittal Report Form


Trustee Handbook: Roles and Duties of Trustees of Charitable Trusts and Foundations in Australia

Created in consultation with Philanthropy Australia's Members, this Trustee Handbook is an essential document for community coundations, family foundations, private charitable funds and ancillary funds.

Trustee Handbook

Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) Trustee Handbook

From 1 October 2009, philanthropic trusts previously known as Prescribed Private Funds (PPFs) became Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs). The legislative changes included the introduction of detailed Guidelines (Guidelines for Private Ancillary Funds, 2009).

This handbook comments on what is required of the trustees of PAFs under the Guidelines and at law. It is not a legal document but a "plain English" introductory guide to the role and duties of the trustee(s) and all directors thereof.

Created in consultation with Philanthropy Australia’s Members, this Trustee Handbook is an essential document for PAFs.

PAF Trustee Handbook


An Introductory Guide to Grant-making

This free downloadable guide is written expressly for people who are new to grant-making and will be involved directly with the process of assessing applications and making grants.

It includes an overview of areas such as the role of grant-makers, working practices and cycles, assessing applications and communication tools. Information on further resources is also provided.

An Introductory Guide to Grant-making has been generously funded by the Westpac Foundation.

An Introductory Guide to Grantmaking

A Guide to Giving for Australians

This publication is a guide to philanthropy for donors. Philanthropy the voluntary donation of money, goods or time for the public good – sometimes called “time, talent or treasure”. 

The guide explains the different ways in which Australians may give. It contains worksheets so that you can focus your efforts and plan for the future, as suits your purposes. It does not contain legal information, which is best handled by a qualified professional, but it does list further resources including further reading.

A Guide to Giving for Australians

Benevolent Society