The Power of Advocacy

Funding Advocacy – A Powerful Tool in the Philanthropy Toolkit

This overview is a useful and concise resource focusing on how funding advocacy can be an effective way for philanthropy to achieve impact. It includes a discussion of the rationale for funding advocacy, an outline of different types of advocacy strategies, a brief summary of the law as it applies to funding advocacy, as well tangible case studies of philanthropy funding advocacy.

It is a prelude to a more detailed publication being prepared by Philanthropy Australia on the topic of philanthropy funding advocacy. The preparation of this overview and the forthcoming report is generously supported by The Reichstein Foundation and The Myer Foundation. The Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network has also contributed its advice and expertise. 

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Give. Stand. Respect.

The 2017 Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit brought funders, nonprofits and policy makers together for two days of inspiring keynotes, case studies and challenging conversations about philanthropy’s role in advocating for change.

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