Advancing education: giving for school-aged learning and wellbeing in Australia

This guide aims to help funders consider where the greatest opportunity for impact lies in supporting education. We have included a brief overview of the Australian education system, some ideas for working toward excellence and equity in the school system, some questions to consider about whether different types of giving in education align with your values and ways of funding, and some case studies to illustrate what successful philanthropic contributions to education can look like.

Given the nuances of the education system and the diverse capabilities of Australian philanthropists, this resource will not be a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ that details the machinations of the Australian education system. Nor will it point to specific opportunities that funders should consider or map all the existing non-government stakeholders in the education system.

Rather, this guide is a ‘first stop’ that deepens understanding of the Australian education system and stimulates reflections that enable informed and purposeful giving.