A Strategy to Double Giving: Draft Work-in-Progress Submission to Productivity Commission – Executive Summary

The Challenge

Australia’s giving compares unfavourably with our counterparts – 0.81 per cent of GDP, compared with 1.84 per
cent in New Zealand and 2.1 per cent in the United States. Reaching the NZ proportion of giving would lift
annual giving in Australia from $13.1 billion to $30 billion per annum. Only 29 per cent of the population give
and receive tax concessions (2019), down from 38 per cent in 2011.

The Opportunity

Despite being behind international counterparts, Australia is well positioned to create a more generous culture
and double giving by 2030.
• We have unprecedented wealth. Over the two decades to 2040, $2.6 trillion will pass to the next
generation. If we could pass even just 5-10 per cent to charity, this would unleash $130-260 billion, helping
to catapult us to being among the leading philanthropic nations in the world.
• The Government has committed to work with the philanthropic, for-purpose and business sectors to
develop a Strategy to double giving by 2030.
• We have high impact reforms available that can double giving to charity – see below.