From colour blind to race conscious: a roadmap to action diversity and inclusion in Australian philanthropy

A lack of cultural diversity in the philanthropic sector, especially at decision-making levels, can negatively impact the communities the sector seeks to serve. The sector can play a leading role in addressing issues of race, equity, diversity and inclusion. The first step for any funding organisation to help address these issues is to embed representation that reflects Australia’s population makeup and cultures.

This report aims to develop an understanding of the extent of cultural diversity representation (which includes First Nations peoples) in the Australian philanthropic sector and the impact on the partners it works with. It builds upon the previous work done by the Centre for Social Impact and Jumbunna Institute in the action report (Centre for Social Impact and Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research, 2022).

The Cultural Diversity in Philanthropy Research Initiative is a collaboration of the Centre for Social Impact, the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research (University of Technology Sydney), Macquarie Group Foundation, Perpetual, and Philanthropy Australia. The Centre for Social Impact’s work on this project, in partnership with the Jumbunna Institute, is proudly supported by Macquarie Group Foundation. Philanthropy Australia’s work on this project is proudly supported by Perpetual.

July 2023