Redbridge / Philanthropy Australia: Research Report 1-14 November 2022

In November 2022, Philanthropy Australia engaged research firm Redbridge to gauge the opportunities and challenges ahead for the double giving agenda.

Redbridge polled more than 2,500 people across Australia revealing very strong support for initiatives to increase giving in Australia. The survey showed that 74% of respondents agree or strongly agree that “giving brings people together and strengthens our sense of community”. Other key results included support for specific reforms, such as: 

  • Super bequests (75%, with 6% opposed and 19% neutral or not sure) 
  • Extending DGR to all charities, not just some (74/6/20%) 
  • The choice to donate as part of the tax return process (70/9/21%) 
  • A National Giving Campaign (65/7/28%) 
  • Changing tax laws to better incentivise giving (66/8/26%).