The Climate Lens

Minimise the effects of climate change and enhance your impact, while remaining focused on the people, places and causes at the heart of your mission.

A changing climate affects everyone but it doesn’t affect everyone equally. 

Communities least resilient to disasters like bushfires and floods, low-income households struggling with rising electricity bills, people with chronic health conditions — they are just some of the many Australians particularly vulnerable to the pervasive impacts of climate change.  

Developed in partnership with the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN), the Climate Lens tool will help you see — and armed with this insight mitigate against — these impacts, all of which are working to undermine the people, places and causes you serve.  

Moreover, by applying a climate lens to your philanthropy, you will be able to enhance your capacity to create positive social and economic change for everyone.  

You’ll also be helping to channel philanthropy’s potential for all that we can achieve: a nation run on green energy, cleaner cities, more prosperous and sustainable food systems, and better lives for all Australians. It’s worth our energy and our investment.