Grantmaking resources

Helpful resources for effective, responsible and best practice grantmaking.

Grantmaking is the process of providing a grant of money to an individual or organisation so they can carry out activities for the common good. In Australia, grantmaking usually refers to providing grants to not-for-profit organisations by philanthropic foundations and companies.

Our grantmaking resources are curated to help you understand effective and responsible grantmaking. They provide guidance for building best practice into your grants processes and an opportunity to see what’s happening in grantmaking in Australia today.

Foundation Maps – who is funding what and where

Foundation Maps Australia is an interactive and searchable tool to view data for and about funders in Australia.

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Project overheads – paying what it takes

The ‘paying what it takes’ initiative includes research and education about indirect project costs.

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Share your grants data

Share your grants data on Foundation Maps: Australia to provide access to good quality, timely data about who is doing what and where.

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Other useful resources

A list of resources and links to help with grantmaking and giving.

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