Share your grants data

Share your grants data on Foundation Maps: Australia to provide access to good quality, timely data about who is doing what and where.

By sharing your grants data on Foundation Maps: Australia (FMA), you’re ensuring that the sector has the best information to act on for collaboration, co-funding and grant strategy development.

Share your data on Foundation Maps: Australia

It’s good for the sector.

It’s easy.

It’s simple to update your profile and share your grants data. Some software providers – such as Grant Toolbox, SmartyGrants and Gifts – make it easier to gather your data with a pre-formatted export report function that pulls all the data you need into one spreadsheet.

Take control of your story

People understand foundations by the grants they make. And no one knows your grantmaking better than you. Don’t leave things to interpretation – share your data to make sure your story is told in the right way.

How Philanthropy Australia uses your data

Philanthropy Australia, Candid and Our Community may research and produce aggregate granting data reports from the information you supply to FMA.

Accessing FMA

FMA is available to Philanthropy Australia members through the Better Giving Hub.

If you have any questions about FMA, please contact your State Manager.

If you’re not a Philanthropy Australia member, see the benefits of membership and consider joining our community of changemakers.

Foundation Maps: Australia Dashboard

FMA Dashboard is a joint initiative of Philanthropy Australia and Candid. It has been developed to help paint a high-level picture of philanthropic giving in Australia.

FMA Dashboard draws on grants data that has been voluntarily uploaded to FMA to provide an indispensable public-facing graphic snapshot of funding activity in an easy-to-read interactive format. This ‘sneak peek’ into the data within the FMA showcases funding priorities among donor, an indispensable tool for granters and grantees from all sectors.

FMA Dashboard – generously supported by the Fouress Foundation – makes participating in FMA and data-sharing easy. The data’s power is that it will, over time, become a resource that can make giving more strategic and help provide an overview of the nation’s institutional philanthropy.

For many years, it has been difficult to build an accurate representation of giving in Australia. FMA and FMA Dashboard are helping to build a deeper understanding of philanthropic giving and will help the sector collate, analyse and compare giving and trends across a range of philanthropic activities.

View the FMA Dashboard.

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