Life Member Policy

Life Member of Philanthropy Australia

Since Philanthropy Australia’s inception more than 40 years ago, membership in and community connection to the organisation has grown and strengthened. 

The highest acknowledgement Philanthropy Australia can bestow is Life Membership, as recognition of one’s significant contribution to Philanthropy Australia and the philanthropic sector in Australia.

Selection criteria

A Life Membership may only be awarded where the following Selection Criteria are met:

  1. Significant contribution to Philanthropy Australia; and
  2. Sustained commitment and service to the philanthropic sector in Australia beyond the formal requirements of a person’s position.

Nomination of candidates for Life Member

Philanthropy Australia Board members and the CEO may nominate a person who satisfies the Selection Criteria.


  • The Governance and Nominations Committee will accept nominations of candidates, conduct a due diligence process and make recommendations based on the Selection Criteria to the Philanthropy Australia Board for final approval.
  • A member of the Philanthropy Australia Board may not be selected to receive this honour during their term on the Board. 
  • ​The maximum number of Life Memberships that may be awarded each year is four.

Life membership benefits

  • Complimentary membership with the benefits of an Active member and a Philanthropy Champion.
  • ​If an individual awarded Life Membership is part of an organisation that is a Philanthropy Australia member, the organisation would continue to pay membership fees.

Revocation of Life Membership

  • Philanthropy Australia reserves the right to revoke a Life Membership in circumstances where the Life Member’s continued association with Philanthropy Australia might harm its reputation or the actions and behaviours of the relevant individual are deemed by the Philanthropy Australia Board to be detrimental to the honour and/or to philanthropy and the sector more broadly.
  • Life Members have the same rights and obligations as members under the Constitution.