Podcast: ‘The Agenda to Double Giving to Charity by 2030’ on the podcast Uncomfortable Collisions with Reality – Sam Rosevear with Nicholas Gruen

Fri, 25 Aug 2023

In his podcast ‘Uncomfortable Collisions with Reality’, prominent economist Nicholas Gruen discusses the issues of the day in a unique way.

In the latest episode, Nicholas talks to Philanthropy Australia’s Sam Rosevear – Executive Director, Policy, Government Relations and Research. Sam and Nicholas discuss the policy reforms Philanthropy Australia is advocating for to doubling giving in Australia by 2030. 

To listen to the full podcast (58 minutes), visit: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/uncomfortable-collisions/episodes/Theres-13B-on-the-pavement–Doubling-giving-in-Australia-e2806am 

To view key snippets of the discussions about proposed key policy reforms, visit the relevant links:

  1. The Productivity Commission Inquiry and the timeline for a government response
  2. The case to double giving
  3. Key reform: Super bequests
  4. Key reform: The choice to donate at tax time
  5. Key reform: A National Giving Campaign
  6. Key reform: DGR for all charities
  7. Key reform: Expanding community foundations
  8. Key reform: Expanding business and workplace giving