Agenda to Double Giving Provided to the Productivity Commission

Sam Rosevear, Philanthropy Australia Fri, 5 May 2023

Philanthropy Australia has today provided its submission to the Productivity Commission, available here.

Huge thanks go out to members who provided advice across four member sessions, as well as to the many who met directly with Sam Rosevear – our Executive Director of Policy, Government Relations and Research – to provide thoughts, advice and ideas. It was also great to see so many members put in submissions to the PC. As we noted last week – government may not listen to a few isolated voices, but a genuine movement for change will never be denied.

The submission includes a big section on the rationale to double giving – the millions of people helped every year by our great charities, our role in expanding what government alone can achieve, and the more generous and giving culture we can create when we work together to ensure no one is left behind.

It includes a raft of ideas to improve the policy environment for philanthropy – including super bequests, extending DGR to all charities, an option to donate to charity as part of the tax return process, a national network of Community Foundations, and establishment of Living Legacy Trusts.

We call for measures to create a more generous culture, including a National Giving Campaign, programs in schools, and strong agendas from three key sectors – philanthropy, charity and business – to contribute to double giving.

And we call for initiatives to strengthen the foundations for philanthropy – better data, research and evaluation, and governance arrangements that allow for genuine collaboration between philanthropy and government to drive stronger impact in the decades to come. Thanks again to all who have contributed to this national agenda for change.