Launching the FMA Dashboard

High-level picture of philanthropic giving in Australia

A new opportunity to collaborate, reduce duplication of effort and build a shared learning resource across philanthropy has arrived with the launch of the Foundation Maps: Australia (FMA) Dashboard.

Example of Foundation Giving to Australia Recipients from Australia and Non-Australia Foundations in 2018
Example of Giving of Australia Foundations in 2018

The FMA Dashboard is a joint initiative of Philanthropy Australia and US-based Candid and has been developed to help paint a high-level picture of philanthropic giving in Australia.

The Dashboard draws on grant data that has been voluntarily uploaded to FMA by members to provide an indispensable public-facing graphic snapshot of funding activity in an easy-to-read interactive format. This ‘sneak peek’ into the data within the FMA showcases funding priorities among donor, an indispensable tool for granters and grantees from all sectors.

The Dashboard, generously supported by the Fouress Foundation, makes participation in FMA and data-sharing easy. The data’s power is that it will, over time, become a resource that can make giving more strategic and help provide an overview of the nation’s institutional philanthropy.

For many years, it has been difficult to build an accurate representation of giving in Australia. FMA and the Dashboard are helping to build a deeper understanding of philanthropic giving, and will help the sector collate, analyse and compare giving and trends across a range of philanthropic activities.

It also means that users can interrogate that data to inform their work. The data picture can show who else is funding in areas and interests to help identify potential collaborations and co-funders. The information can be shared with an organisation’s board and trustees to help with its own grant strategy development.

Sharing data helps others understand an organisation’s focus and purpose. It also prevents any misunderstandings about its work and reach. This is vital to an organisation’s sense of self: grantmaking is integral to an organization, trust or foundation. And FMA is an important tool in helping that organization to own its story.

FMA currently has details of 11,603 grants worth $719 million. It is a promising start and it already has provided fresh insights about giving. But FMA and the Dashboard are only FMA is only as good as the data that goes into it – the more members who voluntarily contribute their granting data, the more comprehensive and meaningful the snapshot generated by FMA and the Dashboard will be.

Together, FMA and the Dashboard play an important role in supporting Philanthropy Australia’s mission to develop, inspire, support, represent and ultimately grow more and better philanthropy in Australia.

Join us in this mission by contributing your granting data today. Find out more here.

Foundation Maps: Australia is generously supported by the Ian Potter Foundation, Gandel Philanthropy, Perpetual Trustees and the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

FMA Dashboard is generously supported by the Fouress Foundation.

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