Australian Philanthropy Awards 2016

Recognising and celebrating the great achievements of so many in our sector who are working to create lasting and positive change.

Nomination Closed

Award winners are now recognised as leaders, inspiring potential and current philanthropic individuals and organisations to help our society grow and thrive.

Speaking at the Awards ceremony, Philanthropy Australia’s CEO, Sarah Davies, explained that talking about giving, and celebrating outstanding examples of it, helps us create a culture of change that encourages more people to think about their own wealth and how they could use it for the common good.

‘It’s also important to celebrate these amazing contributions as it highlights the critical role philanthropy plays in creating the kind of society we want to live in and we can’t do that if it’s invisible’, she said.

The winners were announced at an awards ceremony in Melbourne on Tuesday 19 April – a celebration of the amazing contributions of not just the winners but all 50 nominees in a very strong field.

Criteria for selection focused on philanthropy that is visionary, high impact, transformative, and possessing defining qualities such as commitment, courage, and entrepreneurship.

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Australian Philanthropy Awards 2016 recipients

Leading Philanthropist

Audette Exel AO, Founder & Chair of the Adara Group, NSW

Emerging Philanthropist

Gemma Salteri, CAGES Foundation, NSW

Next generation philanthropic leader and public voice for the democratisation of giving and impact investment.

Best Large Grant of the Year (two winners)

Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, NSW

For CareerTrackers – strengthening career pathways for Indigenous Australian university students.

James and Diana Ramsay Foundation and The Wyatt Trust, SA

For working together to enhance school retention, education re-engagement and building resilience and wellbeing.

Best Small Grant of the Year

Australian Communities Foundation, VIC

For its Refugee and Asylum Seeker Giving Circle

Gender-wise Philanthropy (two winners)

The Barr Family Foundation, VIC

For their support of McAuley Community Services for Women’s pioneering Court Support 4 Kids program.

John Dyson and Rose Gilder, Trustees of the Dyson Bequest, VIC

For their leadership in the area of gender equity initiatives for female scientists.


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