Guide to Giving for Australians

How to use this guide

You can read the document from start to finish, or you may choose to refer to the sections relevant to your situation and enquiry. We have structured this document so that you can jump around and continue to come back to reference the sections that will help you at any given time.

Section One: Getting Started explores the factors which will influence ways in which you might choose to give. This section involves you asking yourself questions and establishing what you want to achieve through your giving.

Section Two: Unstructured and Structured Giving outlines the different options available to you, and the key features of each way of giving.

Section Three: Resources will point you to further help. It contains a glossary and appendices, links to other organisations and services, and some suggested reading.

Introduction to Terms

The not-for-profit sector is full of confusing definitions and terms. Please refer to the glossary at the end of the document as you work through this guide.

We have also created some handy worksheets and info sheets for you to use.

Personal Motivations – Why Give?

Assets – What Do You Have to Give?

What to Give To?

Who to Give To?

Engaging your family

Structured Giving Vehicles